Bojovnika K-9

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           Britt Bojovnik "Rue" IPO1, PSA1, CGC

OFA: Hips-Good, Elbows-Normal

DM: normal/normal

Sire: SG Zwack vom Holzwinkel IPO3 KKL - 2013 WUSV world team alternate; competitor in 9 National Championships

Dam: Ema Deviant z Senca SchH3, PSA1, StP1, TDI/CGC

Britt aka "Rue" is a very nice female from Ema's last and final litter.  Solid nerves, environmentally sound with nice drives.  Outstanding temperament, outgoing and social dog.  

Very agile, lean athletic build.  Fun dog to work.  

Britt achieved her IPO 1 in May 2014, PDC September 2014 and PSA 1 in April 2016.

She has a full strong grip in protection and transitioned to PSA seamlessly.


IPO1 awards: High Track, High OB, High Protection,  High IPO1, High in Trial

PSA1 awards: High PSA1, High OB

HIPS: OFA Good (GS-90009G28F-VPI)

Elbows: OFA Normal (GS-EL29957F28-VPI) 

Degenerative Myelopathy (DM): Normal/Normal (GS-DM3592/29F-VPI) 

Bushido K9's "Funhouse"

Intro to scenarios (PSA1)

Britt Bojovnik ~ Distrations (Training for PSA1)

Britt Bojovnik ~ collage

PSA training ~ PDC prep

PSA Carjack


Civil transition from IPO

IPO Protection

IPO Protection -Gopro helper POV



BH Trial