Bojovnika K-9

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SG Britt Bojovnik "Rue" IPO1, PSA1, AD, CGC

Hips & Elbows OFA certified: Good/Normal

Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) OFA: Clear

Sire: SG Zwack vom Holzwinkel IPO3 KKL - 2013 WUSV world team alternate; competitor in 9 National Championships

Dam: Ema Deviant z Senca SchH3, PSA1, StP1, TDI/CGC -Imported from Slovakia in 2008.  All titles obtained in the states.

Britt aka "Rue" is a very nice female from Ema's last and final litter.  Solid nerves, environmentally sound with nice drives.  Nice full grips in protection whether on an IPO sleeve or suit, outstanding temperament, a stable and social dog.  Very agile, lean athletic build.  Fun dog to work.  

Britt achieved her IPO 1 in May 2014, PDC September 2014 and PSA 1 in April 2016.  She has a full strong grip in protection and transitioned to PSA seamlessly.

IPO1: High track, High OB, High protection, High IPO1, HIT

PSA1: High PSA1, High OB


A short fun session with Dave after a long time off

Bushido K9's "Funhouse"

Intro to scenarios (PSA1)

Britt Bojovnik ~ Distrations (Training for PSA1)

Britt Bojovnik ~ collage

PSA training ~ PDC prep

PSA Carjack

Civil transition from IPO

IPO Protection

IPO Protection -Gopro helper POV



BH Trial