Bojovnika K-9

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G Clif Vicona Police Dog SK, SVV3, FPR3, VS-3, BH, CGC, 5CV5/55 P

Owned by Anton Paluch

Clif is a strong but biddable dog eager to work who displays great environmental soundness, full hard grips, indifference to heavy distraction and hard against pressure and threat from his adversary.  He is clear headed, social with friendly people, excellent with kids and not dog aggressive.  He has produced many sport and working Police dogs here and abroad.


FPr3 is an advanced tracking title similar to an FH.  

SVV3 title is the highest level of the 3 phase Slovak title system.  Only 3-10 dogs receive this prestigious title per year.  This title includes very long detailed tracking, full obedience and extensive protection.  Similar to the SchH/IPO3 title but more difficult, demanding and realistic.  

VŠ-3 title is an exhaustive week long Police dog exam.

CGC- Canine Good Citizen- An AKC temperament test

BH- Companion dog test: An obedience, temperament and traffic sureness exam (GSDCA).

Breed survey: 5CV5/55 P

   Overall appearance (5)- Required strength, build, refinement, height 65-67cm

   Appropriate breed features (C)- Straight, short croup

   Ears, Color, Pigmentation (V)- Wolf grey, dark features

   Personality Traits (5)- brave, hard against threat, easily manageable, good natured

   Attack from Hiding Place (5)- Excellent bite, hard against threat, excellent reflexes

   Stop with counter attack (5)- Excellent bite, hard against threat, excellent reflexes 

   Control (P)- releases bite upon handler command

Clif is linebred 5-5 on Ceri Nemo who is the dam of the exceptional B and C litters z Kostolianskej cesty who in turn produced great dogs like Norbo Ben-Ju, Fiasko Okal, and Honza Okal. Clif is a son of the famous Drago Eqidius. Drago is an exceptional producer of sport dogs as well as police K9's. Drago has multiple offspring and grandchildren competing today in the highest levels, including Geisha Eqidius WUSV, Faro Demin dvor WUSV, and Chris spod Lazov WUSV. Drago is by two exceptional dogs Nash von Lisdorferland and Nike Eqidius. Nash is a great producer of working and sport dogs. Nike is in many Eqidius kennel pedigrees and is known for being a very hard, tough, high drive female. Clif's dam Facka z Vysneho Caju had seven litters producing many sport dogs, police K9's and SAR dogs. Clif's grandsire Hoky Va-Pe is a very well known producer of working dogs.

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