Bojovnika K-9

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SG Zwack vom Holzwinkel IPO3, KKL, HD/ED "a" normal
Owner: Jim Hill

Britt's sire Zwack competed in 9 national events and earned a place as alternate on the 2013 US world team at the WUSV Championship in Philadelphia, PA .  His conformation is rated "very good" with a KKL1 rating in his breed survey "recommended for breeding".  Zwack consistently tracked with scores 90 or better, and maintained high drive in obedience with little to no stimulation from the handler.  He's a driven worker eager to please.  He's a bully in bitework with big grips and liked to wrap the helpers leg after the drive in a very owning and dominant way.  I was fond of Zwack because he had a natural pushing grip and liked to move the helper in both directions when they tried to lock up.  While extreme pulling has become quite the desirable behavior in IPO in recent years, I also train and title my dogs in suitwork so I found Zwack's pushing and bullying behavior in bitework to be quite an attribute.

Zwack's sire Javir vom Talka Marda competed in 7 regional, 6 national and 4 international championships.  In 2008 he placed 3rd at the WUSV championship in Florence/Cincinnati.  He competed in the BSP 3 times placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Javir is known for his spirited guard in the blind, crushing grips and strong work ethic. Zwack's dam Quixie vom Holzwinkel is the daughter to SG Ernst vom Weinbergblick a 3x BSP competitor placing 1st in 2000 and a 2x WUSV competitor placing 3rd in 1999.

Zwack is a product of some of the best lines ever in the GSD world. He is linebred on the famous "T" litter Bosen Nachbarshaft and old lines like Artus Lunsholz and Urs Hopfenstrasse.  

Zwack Obedience

Zwack Protection